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Having painted for over thirty six years, with periods in the advertising field, I've now retired to Florida and concentrate on my art fully. Art has always been a part of my life. But, during the past twelve years, I've moved more toward becoming a professional artist. I paint every day outdoors on location, weather permitting, as my work is now plein air. The movement of the trees, the air around you; every detail comes out in beautiful color while experiencing the environment. There is something that joins one to nature while putting down on canvas the world around oneself. Every one should just sit outside and enjoy the view the world has given us.

After painting in the studio for many years, I have finally embarked on an adventure that I wish all of you to follow with me. Finding scenes in nature has let my vision open to new vistas everywhere I look; the sky and the marshlands around me reveal new colors to me that I now incorporate into my landscape paintings. Quick vibrant strokes of many colors are integrated throughout the work. Bright tones of strong values are mixed in with lighter shades of blues and purples and an occasional shot of red. I now stretch to see how far one can push the palette of color and yet make the scene pleasing to view. Plein Air is the only way I can achieve the needed vibrancy and spontaneity in my work! And now, all of my work is painted 'en plein air'.

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